Our Story

Most Palestinians grow up with traditional embroidery and ceramics adorning our walls and tapestries; our family was no different. Even though, like many Palestinians, we have never been to Palestine, what could have been relegated to a mere pattern has been elevated to a symbol of our roots, a memory of home. Intending to do a small part to preserve this bit of culture, this element of home, we created “Coloring Palestine”.

Incorporated throughout these coloring books are examples of common motifs used throughout Palestinian tatreez and ceramics. 

Imagined in Dubai, researched in Beirut, designed in Bahrain and enjoyed all over the world, this books evolution is as diverse as the modern Palestinian diaspora; fueled by love and commitment to its roots.

Find moments of tranquility and creativity by coloring pages built on traditional Palestinian patterns. Bring these patterns and traditions to life as you color the pages and share your work-in-progress and finished artwork on our Instagram @ColoringPalestine and follow us for updates!

Note: All Coloring Palestine designs are copyrighted and not for commercial use.